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COHIN CONSTRUCTION have the know-how for his basics jobs but also in engineering structures for carrying out little and medium facilities.

Our strength is our flexibility of a medium facilities a big mulit-purpose and our how-know state approved and appreciated.
Capitlizing our know how in engineering field, the conception and the coordination. We directed our trade strategy for making it our principal growth driver.

We make some partnership architects, engineenir, engineering consulting firm, etc
We have the same final goal.

Our group builds his success on the respect of positive value and unifering.
Those values are the key of our success and we are proud of it.
We allow setting up a real relationship with our clients.

Representing the Europeen know-how, thanks to our tradition of good work with a good quality we always want to make the dream come true for our clients.

It’s our demanding nature of perfection that run our will of efficiency, respect, humility with full transpararing, of knowledge and experience share, with all the respect of our engagement for all of us: associates, partners, supplier and clients.

The optimistic state of mind and conquering make our goal to fund a model of liable for organization where everybody has to play a part for developing our group.