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For engineering structures, we intervene for all kind of operations. We build for new project and for rehabilitation.
The study of engineering structures includes a draft summary and a study of a final draft.

Summary draft study objectives:

  • Specify the global composition in drawing and specific volume.
  • To appreciate inside volume and outside aspect of the work.
  • To propose technical measures that we can consider to do.
  • To specify a realization planning, divisions of functional edges if it’s necessary.
  • To establish a temporary forecast cost for the work.

Final draft study objectives:

  • To ascertain the detailed flat for all part of the program.
  • To make up one’s mind for the plan cut, face, size and appearance of the work.
  • To define the constructive principals, materials and technical installation.
  • To estimate a final forecast cost and broken down into prizes separated.
  • To let the pilot of the work to stop the program definitely.

The studies drafts included also setting up files and consulting related to the engineering structures ‘skills.
If necessary we are taking care for get building license and other administrations licenses.
And include the Pilot’s audience during the project.

Our group is respectful about energy and environmental challenges:

  • (logements collectives industriel).
  • Educational school complex.
  • Logistic database, platform of storage.
  • Hospital Center, Private hospital and Retirement home.
  • Theater, (base de loisir).
  • Urban planning or public places.